two rivers camp


Two Rivers Campsite

Gornje Pokupje , Croatia

two rivers camp

Two Rivers

two rivers camp
Our .... Story

Campsite “Two rivers” is situated in the middle of Croatia in a small village called Gornje Pokupje.

It is located only 6 kilometers away from the Zagreb – Rijeka highway exit and 10 km from the Karlovac city center which is known as “the city on four rivers” – Dobra, Korana, Kupa and Mrežnica.

As its name suggests, the campsite is situated near the river Kupa and on the river bank of Dobra, just a kilometer upstream from the confluence of these two rivers.

two rivers camp
two rivers camp

"Activities Near Us"

Šljunčara Lakes

Fishing Ponds

Option to buy day, three day or seven day fishing permit on 9 beautiful lakes of Šljunčara. Located only 5 km from us.

two rivers camp

Dubovac Castle

13. Century Castle

Renaissance style castle with museum and restaurant that overlooks the city of Karlovac.


two rivers camp

Ozalj Castle

12. Century Castle

The Ozalj fortress, located on the stone cliff perched above the Kupa River, is one of the best-known fortifications of this type in Croatia.

two rivers camp

Plitvice lakes

National park

Plitvice lakes is only 90 km away from our camp site. It is the most popular and the most beautiful national park in Croatia.

two rivers camp



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